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Watch or read some testimonials from companies and individuals we've worked with in the past.

"We’ve very much appreciated the partnership we have with HJ Group. As our benefits broker and administrator, they have been very attentive and responsive to our questions and needs. They check in quarterly to ensure things are running smoothly and are much more relational than our previous broker. They were also able to help us negotiate lower premiums based use of the plan. Additional HR related resources are an added bonus. They have provided great customer service and we’d be happy to recommend them."

"Since taking over as our business’s Group Benefits Insurance Broker, HJ Group has exceeded our expectations with the level of service provided. They are consistently fast at responding and providing informative, yet, candid advice. We feel confident that they are representing our interests when negotiating with the insurance companies over our rates and not just “rolling-over” for a commission. We would highly recommend HJ Group to any business that is looking for a new Group Benefits Insurance Broker or even a second opinion on their current group benefits plan."

"I can never say how lucky we at the Toronto Heart Centre (THC) was to find HJ Group. It was purely by accident and one that was very beneficial. The staff there assisted me in setting up benefits for the staff at THC. They were very respectful of the fact that I had no idea what was available and guided me in setting up the appropriate benefits for the staff. As well, once the benefits were set up they are on an ongoing basis very helpful when there are any questions that need to be answered even if not really in their realm. We are a small business and I find that sometimes the small businesses do not get the proper attention but that is not the case with the HJG. Thank you to all who I have had the pleasure of dealing with."

"HJ Group provides us with effective, professional, and comprehensive benefits administration. They go above and beyond to ensure we maximize our benefits potential, and understand all aspects of our benefits package. Their benefits reports are detailed, and straightforward to comprehend. We are truly grateful for their support."

"Working with HJ Group as our benefits broker has been an absolute pleasure. Their sense of advocacy and attention to detail are unmatched. With our previous provider, we were simply another corporate client and personalized service was absent from our experience. However, from the first moment we sat down with HJG, it was apparent that they truly cared about what was best for our employees and was committed to doing their very best to secure it. HJG consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our needs our met and that we are consistently satisfied with their service. I would wholeheartedly recommend them!"

"Harry James, Jennifer Rade and the rest of his Team with their incredible knowledge, expertise and genuine interest in understanding my financial and personal goals, made it possible for me to fulfill my dreams. As a single parent, HJG made it possible for me to sell my home, search for work in a new city, secure a rental property for my kids and purchase a new home, with the financial confidence and clarity every step of the way. Their approach is what makes HJG team unimaginably unique in tailoring their services to your individual needs. They made what seemed to be an impossible journey, an experience of empowerment. I highly recommend anyone looking to take a leap into the unknown to fulfill their dreams, to first reach out to HJ Group."

"After working for nearly 30 years, managing companies from 50 employees to 1,800 employees, I'm finally working with consultants who are truly committed to helping with our group benefits program. Justin and Chris have consistently delivered on their service promises and have gone above and beyond to ensure our group benefits plan is fully optimized. Most importantly, they are a couple of down to earth guys who take their craft very seriously, but also have a sense of humour! I would highly recommend HJ Group to any employer looking to manage their employee benefit plans in a cost effective manner."

"HJ Group, frankly, made the purchase of our home possible. It was only a dream one day and reality the next. Today, Harry continues to ensure we strike that critical balance of living today while planning for tomorrow. He always gives us guilt free permission to live now! It is my pleasure to highly recommend him and his team."

"When working with Harry James, you know that he and his team really care, not only about the business relationship, but also the personal one. Your calls and emails are always returned immediately, leaving you confident your needs are taken care of.

"Harry James has the ability to put things in perspective and assist with decisions based on quality of life and not just financial criteria. With our three children all pursuing careers, purchasing homes, and making marriage plans, Harry has always been a welcome sounding board to the many decisions that are required. We wholeheartedly recommend Harry as an excellent business associate and advisor."

"Twenty years ago, I decided I didn’t want to be dependent on my job as my only source of income and I expressed my vision of building a real estate portfolio to Harry James. Thanks to the excellent advice I received over the years from Harry and his dedicated team, I am now in the position to leave my full-time job and follow through on that vision, which has now become a reality."

"Harry is an incredible business person and a gifted Financial Advisor. For over 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to have a front-row seat to witness what he did to build up his own net worth, but more importantly, I have seen Harry regularly share and teach his unique skills to those wanting to learn from, and emulate, him. Time spent with him, and learning what he knows, is invaluable."

"We have relied on Harry James to provide us with financial advice and guidance, as well as a wide assortment of other estate planning needs, for over 20 years. We will continue to trust Harry and his team of true professionals, who always provide advice that is tailored to our personal situation."

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I've been doing a lot of reflecting recently, or maybe meditating is a better word. It's nothing new for me really. I like to set goals on a regular basis and in the process, I’m usually looking at where I have been, where I am now and the biggest challenge of all, where do I want to go from here?

I've been talking about writing for quite some time now so I decided to take my own advice and execute. It occurred to me, although not an award winning observation I'm sure, that our society needs less information and more action...

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