HR & Benefits Management

Not every company has their own dedicated HR team, so where do you go for help? Look no further! You’ll have the support you need at your fingertips. Save time, reduce risk & unlock new HR possibilities for your business!

Cross Border Partnership

For those businesses looking to expand into the US market (or perhaps you already have!), we work with a leading US firm to provide consulting services in the American group benefits landscape. If you’re seeking guidance on how to effectively provide a benefits program while ensuring you are meeting the necessary regulations, we can help!

Exclusive HJ Group Workshops

Health, wealth, and time for self

The ‘Live Real Be Real’ philosophy is a way to live your authentic life. Harry James lives and shares his thinking through this growing collection of articles, videos and podcasts.

Retirement’s a lie

Find out why retirement should come with a warning label and why the psychological transition into this phase of your life is just as important as the financial.

How to hire a financial planner

Find out how to navigate all of the confusing designations and jargon. This workshop empowers you with the questions to ensure you align yourself with the right company and advisor.

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