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Let us help you get ready for retirement.

Making confusing retirement jargon crystal clear and understandable for your team while having the experience and depth of knowledge to hold the carriers accountable for their service and performance is crucial.

Our CEO, Harry James and team are no strangers to the money management field. In addition to sitting on a few special committees and boards he personally managed $150,000,000 of client assets before he sold his financial planning business to a public company in 2007. The transition to corporate retirement plans from the personal field was seamless as all the same principles of money management, fees, asset allocation and global diversification apply.

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We know you want your employees to have a healthy financial life and lots of options after they retire but that burden need not be on your shoulders.

It’s a psychological fact that when someone feels financially empowered they are able to perform at a higher level in all areas of their lives. Financial stress is not only debilitating physically, the mental toll is well documented from the inability to concentrate, to contributing to low self-esteem, and depression.

If we earn the right to handle this component of your employee benefit plan, we will deliver much more than a plan with excellent fees and competitive performance.

Through our education, experience and unique skill set we will teach your team that the transition into the next chapter of their lives can be as rewarding and as exciting as the first few chapters. We believe retirement is a lie and the true happiness and fulfilment in life comes from the process, not from meeting the goal whatever that may be. Enjoying every element of their work now and planning for new adventures in the future is what keeps people healthy, engaged, and fulfilled at every stage of their lives. People that feel respected and appreciated ultimately perform at a much higher level and contribute to creating a very positive work environment. Magnifying the benefits of what you are doing for your team and ensuring they capitalize on them is what we do best.

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