The ‘Live Real Be Real’ Vision

Our founder Harry James is an entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience accumulating many success and failures along the way. His life resume inspires many as he believes living your core values and leaving people better than you found them is what true service is all about. Without hesitation all of us at the HJ Group fully subscribe to this sentiment.

He is known to be the first to ask if you are living your definition of success and if you recognize that time is your most important, non-renewable asset. In this regard, our philosophy at HJ Group when it comes to work/life balance, is you can have your cake and eat it too. Putting your family and health first doesn’t mean you can’t perform at an optimum level in your career, on the contrary, it often guarantees your best work.

We encourage everyone on our team to bring who they are into what they do because we know that happy, content people do great work. You’ll see that from time to time we give you glimpses behind the curtains of our personal lives, hobbies, families not to mention our somewhat quirky sense of humour. Why? Because we are just like you, we have the same goals, dreams and challenges that you have every day. And while we are living our ‘real’ lives, like you, we also strive to maintain a dynamic healthy culture in our company while providing excellent professional service to our clients.

When Harry was asked where the ‘live real be real’ philosophy came from he explained that there is often a gap between your reputation and your character. Your reputation being who people think you are and your character being the real you, what you do when no one is looking. Living real and being real means never having to wear a mask, we like that.

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