Our philosophy

Yes business is great, yes we are competitive and hungry but it’s never lost on us that our most important asset in life is time. Like Monopoly, all the pieces go back in the box at the end of the game. How we treat people through the privilege of serving them is what matters most.

Our Timeline

The HJ Group Story


Harry James starts at Canada Trust and becomes Corporate Trust Officer by 1984. 


Harry resigns from Canada Trust and launches into the insurance business. His license is sponsored by Imperial Life, and he promotes himself under the banner of Harry James and associates.


Harry sees the integration of insurance and financial services melding together so he creates a company called Harry James Financial and purchases a boutique franchise called Ross Dixon Financial.


Harry James Financial’s unique business model of salaried, proficient, and objective financial advisors has grown to over 1,000 clients with 150,000,000 of assets under administration. The success of this unique model catches the attention of publicly traded company Jovian Capital. Harry James Financial is aquired.


Harry James Inc. O/A Harry James Group is established to dispense estate planning, insurance, and comprehensive financial advice on a fee only basis.


Harry’s son Justin joins his father after a successful tenure at a notable brokerage firm to bring his employee benefits expertise under the Harry James Group brand. They decide to make their core offering employee benefits and estate planning under their new partnership.


Harry James Group is rebranded to HJ Group.


Today HJ Group’s track regard and reputation in the employee benefits space is well established as a premier brokerage firm. The personal, 40-year, client driven advice for real life and money being a product of doing the right thing continues to be our firm’s guiding light.

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