Our Partners

In addition to having the insurance marketplace at our disposal, we have aligned with the following partners: Collage, ConnectsUs HR and Havern Benefits. Learn more:


We have partnered with Collage to bring you an online platform to make managing benefits a paperless and more streamlined experience. By going digital, you and your plan members now have one portal to manage your benefits program administration. By removing costly enrolment errors and unnecessary double entry, it saves everyone time and money!

ConnectsUS HR

Not every company has their own dedicated HR team, so where do you go for help? Look no further! Our membership with ConnectsUS HR provides our clients with a vast catalogue of white labeled templates ready for use. Whether you’re looking for an employment contract template or need some HR advice, you’ll have the support you need at your fingertips.

Havern Benefits

For those businesses looking to expand into the US market (or perhaps you already have!), we work with Havern Benefits Strategies to provide consulting services in the American group benefits landscape. If you’re seeking guidance on how to effectively provide a benefits program while ensuring you are meeting the necessary regulations, we can help!

Our Carrier Partners