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Why trust HJ group with your group benefits?

Employee benefits are the second most expensive line item for many employers. Yet, almost 50% of companies are working with an advisor that sells one group benefits case a year - or less.

Most brokers simply dabble in this somewhat complicated field of work. Open heart surgeries aren't performed by general practitioners. And while we aren't suggesting this is a life or death decision, we do take our craft just as seriously.

Benefits of working with HJ Group:

  • Full fee disclosure
  • Access to the entire marketplace
  • Digital enrollment/administration saving you time and money
  • Mock Renewals 3 months in advance of your adjustment
  • Expertise in designing a plan based on the needs of you and your team
  • Specialized employee engagement
  • Comprehensive reporting and industry benchmarking to provide insight into plan competitiveness
  • Full service administration in ongoing plan management
  • Risk mitigation and compliance adherence through our Plan Administrator checklist

Giving educated and experienced advice on tailored benefits programs for you and your employees is why we exist.

Need a second opinion?

We understand that for political reasons (your brother-in-law is your broker) that you can't easily change your working relationship. But do you wonder if your plan is properly designed?

We are happy to provide a comprehensive review on a completely confidential basis so things don't get awkward at the next family gathering. If and when your brother-in-law retires, we will be here.

Now the boring but important details:

Our Dedicated Client Service Team

Everybody says this. But really, the people at HJ Group really love their job and understand without you, they wouldn't have one. We truly consider it a privilege to serve but these are just words. Give us a chance and watch the words and the music match.

Data-driven Reporting

Quarterly utilization reports that measures plan effectiveness, a mock renewal review 3 months prior to renewal date and annual plan benchmarking to provide awareness into plan competitiveness. (in other words no unpleasant surprises!)

Employee Engagement

Here's a fact, most employees have no idea what you're doing for them when it comes to employee benefits. In other words you're possibly writing a big cheque with no enhancement of employment loyalty or culture. A specialized competent broker will change this.

Digital Benefits Management

We've been at this a long time and to say we've done our fair share of paperwork would be an understatement. Not only has paperless enrollment changed our lives for the better it's given our clients time for an extra cappuccino. Most importantly, this technology reduces administrative errors and potential liability for the employer.

Risk Mitigation

We provide a detailed check list to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Why should you care? It will keep your legal fees down. Why do we care? It will keep our legal fees down.

Human Resources

Clearly not all companies have a full time HR department (it's expensive). We thought it would be a great investment to provide access to an online HR platform with a vast catalogue of white labeled templates ready for your use. Voila!. US company? US subsidiary? No problem...click here.

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